Buy Your Own Thames Waterman Cutter

The Thames Waterman Cutter

A Jolly Boat in construction.

A Mark Edwards classic based on designs from the 1800s, being
fast, light & strong it is a good racing boat but also safe and easy to handle.

Building of this new class of racing cutter began in 1992 at the initiative of The Great River Race, resulting in what has proved to be a remarkable success story. Mark Edwards’ classic design is that of a similar boat pre 1884. It is fast, light and strong. While essentially a racing craft, it is equally suitable for training, casual rowing or camping. Its ease of handling makes it suitable for safe use by a wide range of rowing enthusiasts.

A Jolly Boat in construction.

The Lady Glaziers enjoying The Race in a TWC

The boat is 34 feet long, with a beam of 4 feet 6 inches and available in timber or GRP. The timber version is clinker built from the timber considered most suitable, to be agreed at the time of purchase. The GRP mould was formed from a timber version and the hull will be to the buyer’s choice. The design allows for either six sculls or six oars.

As a number of owners are City Livery Companies, the design can be adapted for the boat to serve as a barge in the way such companies in earlier years had similar vessels on the river for ceremonial occasions. The alternative use is effected by reducing the number of rowers to 4 and erecting a temporary structure over the two after thwarts and stern bench which provides seating and weather protection for up to 5 passengers.

The Cutter has already proved to be a most popular boat and has achieved a number of outstanding results. These include an outright winner of The Great River Race, being sculled across the Channel in 2 hours and 38 minutes, a number of other Channel crossings, being used for three London to Paris races as well as traversing the navigable length of the Thames and other notable journeys on this river.


Hull Fittings Price
Wooden Fitted out for 6 oars and fixed seats
(Subject to choice and availability of timber)
Please Call
GRP Fitted out for 6 oars and fixed seats Please Call
GRP Fitted out for 6 oars or for sculling
(Includes 6 pairs sculls - cost of oars extra)
Please Call

Optional Extras

  • Additional oars
  • Pair of Sculls
  • Flagpole and socket (forward or aft, GRP hull)
  • Flagpole for large flag
  • Flag for stern
  • Additional drop-in passenger thwart and backboard
  • Set of three hinged tallow trays and tallow
  • Painting coveline (outside)
  • Gilding the coveline - in addition to painting
  • Rescue throw bags/lifeline and ring
  • Full mooring cover inclusive of all fixings
  • Boat truck

For more details, contact or call the office on 0208 398 8141