Buy Your Own Skerry

The Skerry (Skiff Wherry)

A Jolly Boat in construction.

The Skerry
One of the newer designs by Mark Edwards of Richmond Bridge Boathouses

The Great River Race Skerry (SKiff whERRY) is an 8 oared boat, 25 feet long, 7 feet 6 inches beam, and 15 inches freeboard which gives both the speed of a skiff and the comfort of a wherry. Built in top quality marine ply and epoxy coated, with four rowing thwarts and one aft for coxswain and passenger. Flexibility of fit out allows for additional seats, drawers, lockers, cover, canopies, mast and sails. Weight about 150kg gives easy handling and moving the boat in or out of the water. With its very flared saucer like cross section, the unladen waterline reduces to less than 4 feet, when it can be rowed by just two. With more aboard, stability and buoyancy are improved.

A Jolly Boat in construction.

Bamber Gascoigne and his crew enjoying the 2010 challenge in a GRR Skerry.

Rowing arrangements are easily varied from two to the maximum of eight with room for a cox and passenger. Fitting out can be for racing or recreational, with removable seating and cushions; the latter allowing up to eight passengers with 4 oars persons.

The hull is of marine ply. All wood for fitting out is light and durable cedar. The hull is epoxy coated, painted to the colour of the customerís choice and the interior varnished. A stainless steel runner along the keel and runners under the hull minimise wear and tear if beached.

With strong, light and durable construction, it is a boat very much for training, with great flexibility in the number of rowers. Ideal also for recreational use, camping, picnicking or just being on the water. Prospective buyers may like to do so with a syndicate. Estimated costs are available on request.


Hull Fittings Price
Epoxy coated marine ply Standard fit with 8 reconditioned racing oars. TBA
* Ordering more than one boat at a time can reduce the price by as much as £1,500 per boat.
All prices quoted on this page are subject to change and do not include VAT.

Optional Extras

  • Canvas cover: £650
  • A back (for comfort): £90
  • Cushions for forward-facing seats or side benches: £180
  • Seat cushion: £160
  • Flag pole: £50
  • Additional oars: £300 each

For more details, contact or call the office on 0208 398 8141