Racers: News & Notices for Race Participants

To those of you who have not entered before.......

  • In due course each crew will receive some posters and flyers electronically to advertise the event locally - please display them wherever you can; shops, offices, pubs, etc.
  • Two weeks before the Race we will post online the Guidance Notes for the race that will contain information on:
  • The exact location of the Start and Finish, along with launch and recovery instructions
  • There will also be up-to-date notes on the course itself; the route to follow, landmarks to look out for, and hazards to avoid.
  • Make sure each crew member has read it before competing.

Picture of a crew giving the thumbs up sign.We are here to answer any queries you may have - and happy to hear from you.

All of the information you need is on the website, but please telephone 0208 398 8141 or e-mail if you feel you need any further help.

If you do need to call, please do so sooner rather than later as the last weeks before the Race are very busy and we appreciate it if calls are kept to a minimum.

Thank you for entering and do enjoy the Race (and the parties!)

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