How to use the ChampionChip Spectator web interface

To watch the Race, click on the link below, but please take a quick look at the instructions below first as they may help you get the most from the ChampionChip Spectator interface:

Sat Nav view of the Race.

ChampionChip Spectator is the online software for viewing the race. You don't have to download anything, just click on the ChampionChip Spectator logo below. The software runs using Adobe Flash, you need to have this installed. Your browser will tell you if this is missing.

You can go to the ChampionChip Spectator website before the race has started, but clearly you will see no activity. If you do this you will have to reload the page once the race has started, simply press F5 (Internet Explorer) and the page should reload. You watch the action in the area marked B on the plan.

Once the race is started you can tick the competitors you want to see in the Competitors column (AREA C) on the right. By clicking on one of the competitors, the screen will focus on that competitor and follow them. Double clicking a competitor opens a little information window with 'on board' information. On this event boat speed and distance travelled is shown.

On the left hand side of the screen, (AREA A)various buttons control the map to 2D, 3D, and Map or Satellite images, zoom in zoom out and follow view etc.

Once the race has finished (this is when the last boat has crossed the finish line and the crew have returned safely to shore) you can replay it at any time, now additionally you can speed up the race by clicking on the Replay Speed bar (AREA D) you can also click on the timeline to jump to that part of the race.

If you have any comments or queries regarding the ChampionChip Spectator please e-mail

OK - if you're ready, let's go .......

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Link to ChampionChip Spectator